It’s Not Too Late: 4 Tips on Getting Started With Snapchat

We all know that millennials can’t resist picking up their smartphone to take a selfie or video via Snapchat. I’ll be honest, I make sure to do a snap or two per day or even watch a brand, celeb or associate’s Snapchat story daily.

Who would’ve thought Snapchat would be the next hottest social media platform. Brands are now taking over events using Snapchat, giving behind the scene exclusives, and telling visual stories through 10-second video clips. There are so many reasons why you should get started with Snapchat as well. Check out these fun facts about Snapchat:

  •   It is known that approximately 70% of Snapchat users are female and that around 71% are under 25.
  •   Snapchat is more popular than Twitter, Pinterest, Vine and Tumblr among ages 18 – 34.
  •   Snapchat is very powerful among college demographics. 70% of college students posting at least once a day.
  •   Snapchat has become the third most popular social platform.

If you’re not utilizing Snapchat already you may want to hop on the bandwagon. Finding out how to best reach Snapchat’s growing audience may seem like a never-ending struggle but trust you are not alone. Snapchat gives you the opportunity for a brand to be creative, authentic, and personable. To get started with Snapchat a person should consider these 4 tips:

  1.    Create a marketing objective: Ask yourself
    1. What do I want consumers to see?
    2. What am I going to talk about?

Knowing these two things will allow you to outline what your strategy is to reach your desired audience. Knowing your practical approach before going full force will help you figure out how you’re going to utilize Snapchat and how you will attract consumers. Remember every social platform has its own language. Knowing how to market to your audience is key in being successful using this social platform.

  1.    Know what outcome you want from utilizing Snapchat: As a public figure or celeb, one reason for being present on Snapchat could be for one to get exclusive behind the scene details or to show a fan how authentic you are. Snapchat and Facebook allow consumers to perceive their own thoughts about a brand but Snapchat allows them to get the real authentic you and allows a fan to get to know you on a more intimate level. Set a strong objective that will ensure your brand’s position or focus.
  2.    Evaluate if your target audience is present on Snapchat: As stated previously, Snapchat is powerful among college students, between ages 18 to 34 and women.  If your product, services, or brand do not fall within this niche market then maybe this platform isn’t for you. Determining if your audience wants to hear from you on Snapchat plays a big factor in your success as well.
  3.    Figure out how you will measure success: You can measure success through knowing your objectives. Measuring success will allow you to figure out if Snapchat is working for you. Ways to measure are through follows, views, screenshots and responses to calls to action. You can’t measure clicks through Snapchat, however you can produce calls to action that allow consumers to respond through other social platforms i.e. give a call to action that tells followers to tweet you or share a photo using a hashtag on Instagram.


Using these tips will ensure a great start and successful journey in growing your brand via Snapchat. If you’re already using Snapchat share your thoughts with the newcomers below.

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