4 Reasons Why Snapchat May Be Right for Your Organization

Just because Snapchat has more than 100 million daily active users, 65% of whom contribute content (according to Snapchat), doesn’t mean most organizations should launch on the platform. Snapchat is assumed to be the social media platform of choice for high school and college students, and that disqualifies it for serious consideration by organizations dealing mainly with older demographic groups. Or does it?

At PR News conferences, no topic gets more questions than Snapchat. Among the common questions:

  • How can small businesses make use of Snapchat?
  • How can convention and visitors bureaus use Snapchat?
  • How do you measure Snapchat’s effectiveness?
  • How do you monitor activity on Snapchat?
  • Is Snapchat just a passing fad?

These questions are rooted in the fear of missing out on connecting with an organization’s next wave of customers, donors, students or members. More communicators will be hoping to launch on the platform as time goes on and as fear gives way to certitude, but they will likely meet with internal resistance.

Kelly Bennett, manager of social media and marketing strategy at Miami University, says that before taking the plunge with a platform like Snapchat, it’s important to have a plan in place in order to win internal approval.

Bennett, who will be co-leading a session about Snapchat at PR News’ Feb. 25 Visual Storytelling Boot Camp in Huntington Beach, Calif., offers four reasons why your organization should launch on Snapchat. Feel free to repackage these four reasons as you build your case internally.

Find the four reasons at PR News.

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