How to Not Visually Scream ‘Marketing!’ on Instagram

Instagram is so big now that not being involved should qualify as PR malpractice. It’s time to get posting in earnest, but before you do, recognize that Instagram is a unique platform that calls for unique content.

We tapped Kira Clayborne (manager, digital marketing & media at Church’s Chicken) to speak in a session called “Visualize Your Organization’s Mission and Messages with Instagram” at the upcoming PR News Visual Storytelling Boot Camp in Huntington Beach, CA. Below, she shares some of the guiding principles that will inform her talk in the form of five steps for starting out:

  1. Know your demographic on Instagram, taking every variable into account (age, gender, race, interests, etc.). This necessitates being aware of who you are and what your brand stands for, as well. Church’s Chicken, as a brand that sells lots of family meals, focuses a lot on moms, and often seeks to imagine as its target a 27–39-year-old woman who has a lot to do and not a lot of time. Get inside your target’s head and think about the purchase journey. When are they thinking about your brand? What kind of Instagram interaction will be meaningful?

Read the rest of the article at PR News.

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