How to Go from a Solopreneur to an Entrepreneur in 4 Easy Steps

There are many people out there longing for the American Dream. For some, that dream is found in a well paying job that they deem fulfilling. But for many others, that dream is in utilizing their skill to create, educate, entertain, or serve others.

Often times however, it is difficult for some to take their talent and make it have life changing financial impact. In other words, rather than utilizing their skill as just a side hustle, they need to learn the keys to making it a true blue bonafide business venture.

But this is where many people get stumped. They may enjoy their craft, but they don’t know how to craft a business out of it. Rather than becoming entrepreneurs, owners of an enterprise, they remain solopreneurs, side hustlers.

So, how do you go from being a Solopreneur to being a sought after entrepreneur at the top of your field? I think Steve Harvey says it best. First, check out the video below.

Wow. Steve Harvey kinda took us to school and church. Having said that, there is no better person to help you jump than an image consultant.

Here are 4 Ways a Public Relations Specialist can help you take your talent from side hustle to business owner.

Step 1 – Judge

No matter what your chosen profession, your consumers will judge your work. They will order something from you or expect a certain performance from you and you better deliver the desired goods. These days, they air their thoughts and feelings on your “product” almost instantaneously.

Your Public Relations Specialist is here to serve as your first line of defense – in other words, your first judge. They will offer their honest opinion and help you deliver the best product based on their specialized research.

Step 2 – Unique

No one wants their service or talent to be just like everyone else’s. In order to stand out, you’ve gotta stand out…be unique. A PR Specialist puts a unique face on your common product. And they convince customers to choose yours over anyone else’s.

Step 3 – Media

It would be nice if every aspect of our work was so good that all we had to do was wait for the word to get out through our customers. While that may work for the side hustler, it won’t get you where you need to be when trying to become the next big thing.

Public Relations utilizes media contacts to take spreading the word to the business making level.

Step 4 – Publicize

While it may seem that to “publicize” means to run in the same circles as the media, you will fully miss the mark if you think the media is your only means of publication. In fact, there are many other means of getting the word out about your venture than traditional media.

Depending on your business, you can utilize such events as:

  • Sports games
  • Parties
  • Schools
  • Weddings

By placing your business in these and many other forums, a Public Relations Specialist can step in and help you take your business to the Entrepreneur level.

None of this will matter, however, if you don’t jump. You’ve got to first make the move from attempting to handle everything on your own to getting the specialized service you need to become successful. And, a great PR Specialist is the best way to take that leap!


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