3 Easy Fixes to Ensure Your Destiny Doesn’t Get Hijacked

How many times have you been told you can’t do something that you just knew you could? You’re not sure how you know, you just know. It’s a feeling that stretches beyond desire and in to destiny.

Well, this year, I want you to consider where your destiny lies, and, who is in control of it. Who is in control of your destiny? The easy answer is to say that you are. But are you? Here are 3 kind of people who could be in control of your destiny if you let them.

Work hard to put a vision on to your purpose.

Your Spouse

If you’re married, it’s no surprise your responsibilities as a life partner can hijack your destiny. It’s not usually intentional, but after getting married, the daily joys of making a home with the one you love begin to take over.

Before you know it, your frustrations begin to pile up in the corner with no where to go. But, don’t lose heart, there’s an easy fix.

The Fix:

  1. Be open with your spouse about your dreams
  2. Research what is needed to see those dreams come to fruition
  3. Invest in your success
  4. Build a team around you to help see those dreams come true

Your Kids

I mean, look at those faces. They want what they want and need what they need…from you.  Your spouse is working hard and you’re both making sacrifices.

But when the kids call, you’ve gotta answer and sometimes the call comes at a most inconvenient time. There’s not so much a “fix” for this as much as there is a decision; and, this decision is as easy as you make it.

Decision: Carve out time around your kids’ schedules that is strictly for the pursuit of your dreams. I know it’s not as sexy, but it is effective. It could be two hours a night when the kids go down for bed. It could be an afternoon on the weekends that’s your time while the kids are at soccer practice. Whatever it is, it starts with a decision…and then the follow through.

Your Boss

Typically, the awakening of our destiny begins while working to achieve someone else’s. And, your boss wants the 8 – 9 hours a day that she’s paying you for.

If you’re not careful, you can end up giving them 10 or 11 hours while your vision grows dim for your own life. Well, don’t lose heart. This one is a combination of the fix and the decision, or, as I like to call it, the fixed decision.

The Fixed Decision: This might seem easy. But, it’s probably the most difficult of all. When you consider someone in charge of your livelihood, you find yourself less eager to rock the boat and continue business as usual to ensure that food gets on the table. But to achieve your destiny, it will be important that you “fix” your hours as agreed for your boss, then “decide” to pursue your destiny with the extra two you were giving away.

Once you’ve worked through the potential destiny hijackers, you will find fresh legs to run with your dreams.

Work hard to put a vision on to your purpose and  make sure to consult with Ashanti’s view for great branding strategies to help take your dreams to the destiny level.

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