Would You Give it All Up?

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Social networking has become the “new thing” in the 2000’s. From MySpace to Instagram, these networks have become a part of day to day life for companies, businesses, celebrities, teens, parents, even grandparents. Yes, I said it, Grandparents. We have become so tied up in social media that it has started to affect relationships. Shoot, sometimes I can’t even keep my phone out of my hand because I’m trying to see the different things happening on social networks. But don’t get me wrong, of course I would give it all up to have a healthy relationship. At the end of the day it’s all about choices. No one should allow social networking to have a negative aspect on their relationship. Social networking has been one of the top ways to meet new people. In some ways this has become a problem because it starts to affect relationships. Men and women have begun to cheat through social media by flirting, cyber sexing and just doing things that they know their spouse or significant other would not approve of. We all have been a victim of not liking or feeling a type of way about what our men/women are doing or saying on these networks. Let’s be honest! Some people do not even want to friend or follow their significant other because of the things they may or may not want to see. My question is. Would you give up social networking to have a healthy relationship? I made a post on Instagram last night asking my followers this same question and I received a few responses. I have 941 followers and only 24 of them liked the post, so I am assuming those 24 followers would give social networking up. Out of those 24 likes 7 commented on the post and gave remarks like “yeah”, “without question”, “pshhh #delete”, “absolutely”. I was shocked that more people didn’t comment or like the picture, which leaves me to think the other 900 followers would not. Let’s see what you guys say once I post this blog.

15 thoughts on “Would You Give it All Up?

  1. Loooove this blog girl, such a relevant topic ! I would def give up social networking for a healthy relationship, but should I have to ? I mean if we trust each other and we communicate with each other and come to an agreement about what’s acceptable/unacceptable for OUR relationship then we should be able to social network without any problems. Especially if the respect is there, because there is no doubt that boundaries are easily crossed on social networking sites. The part about that’s always no good is that it allows us all to keep up with the past and the last keep up with us lol

    1. it depends on the circumstances at the end of the day.Shouldn’t your significant other know where the boundaries lie If we are in a “loving” relationship,? A woman or man doing things like flirting don’t have respect and its no telling what they are doing outside of social media.

  2. I feel I would give up social networking for my significant other. When you truly care for someone their happiness is important to you . Honestly social networks are just a factor that may ruin a relationship. It is the two involved who have control over how the relationship with progress .

    1. True. I would only give it up if it was as an issues or a problem in the relationship. We all know how to respect our relationship. If they make a choice that we know will affect the relationship then it has to go!

  3. I think that without a doubt if given the choice i would be one way to delete all 4 of the social networks that im involved in actively in order to maintain a healthy relationships…. its about working together as a team and if your other half is worth the delete then you would go for it…. ♥♥♥♥

  4. I would have to say that if someone has to give up social networking just to maintain a healthy relationship then they probably do not have the will power to be respectful to their relationship other places either.

    While social networking sites do give you another place to meet people, there are certainly many places offline to meet them as well. So, to me, quitting social media should not be the issue. The issue would be for a person to learn some self control.

    Social media is only a problem because it is easy to see the actions of others. It’s easier to get caught. It is more visible. But a woman or man who flirts on social media is probably flirting at work, at parties, on the street, or in any other social setting where they have access to attractive people.

  5. This is such a relevant subject to discuss. Social media has definitely taken over in our generation. I would give up social network for a healthy relationship, but than my question is how would that make a relationship healthier. If something as simple as IG or Twitter can make a break a relationship I feel like there are more serious issues within the relationship like trust it jealousy. I feel that social networks can definitely cause problems in a relationship if people allow it to. Social betwork doesn’t cause people in relationships to chat, do things they are not suppose to, or sneak around. It’s the person lack of self control that causes a person to cheat.

  6. It’s so crazy how the world seems to change one day at a time. Now a days relationships aren’t the same..we have too many options while being in a relationship. which comes to show us that social media will be the number one option to affecting our relationships. It’s sad to say we allow our “wants” to affect our “needs”. We want other options other than what we have while in a relationship but we need to stay committed. But this is our youth now! This is definitely a good topic to touch on. I agree with it. What would the works do with out social networking?

    1. Yes. Def the world we live in today. Before social networking ofcourse there were men and women who cheat but social networking has been another easy way too.

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